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Rules of the forum!
1.No Swearing.

3. No spamming.

4. No flaming.

5. No warez.

6. No stealing and ripping pictures, sigs, models or anything. If you take something
that isn't yours, give the credit to it's owner (if you edit someone’s model, you must ask for permission first AND give the credits).

7. If you replied with only one smiley or anything that looks like this “^^” with nothing else that’s considered spamming.

8. You want to promote your web? Ask any of the mods or admins, if you posted it without permission it will be deleted.

9. No double posting except, there is great big news, you have to say, if it is not that important, use Edit button on your message and we will delete the extra one.

10. Avatar max size is: 200X300 and sig's max size is: 600X200

11. Do not try to avoid word censoring (example: S H I T)

12. English is the only accepted language on this forum no other language is allowed.

13. Spoilers must be placed in spoiler tags.

14. Don't write in color (only if you want us all to know how important it is, but only two colors you can use in your reply)

15. Don't write in CAPS (only if U R very angry, or excited, or yelling)

16. NEVER make double acounts. [NEW]

17. Don't revive topics where hasn't be replied in more then two weeks. (You can revive Stickies)

What will happen if I broke the rules?

If you broke those rules, you'll get a warning.

Two warnings will give you one a day ban.

Three warnings
will give you a week ban; four warnings will give you a month ban.

five warnings will give you permanent ban.
More info  will be found in News sub-forum. Have a nice day!
~regards, Mr.Lukyas, Co-Admin, S-Mod, and Mods!

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